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Minutes of 1st AGM held at The Salthouse

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Bradpole Ringing Centre Society

Minutes of 1st AGM held at The Salthouse, West Bay

held on Sunday 9th April 2017 at 2.30pm


1. Welcome - Robert Wellen, Guild master, Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers welcomed members to the meeting. There were fourteen members present.

2.Opening Prayer - Maureen Frost opened the meeting with a Prayer.

3. Apologies: Niall Simpson, Elizabeth Skinner, Deborah Batten, Robin Carter, Revd Janis Moore, Nick Lacock, Andy Smith and Jo Wenborne.

4. Minutes of Inaugural Meeting - The minutes were on the Website and Facebook. Copies circulated to those who had not seen them. Agreed minutes correct. No abstentions. Signed and dated by David Barrance, Chairman.

5. Chairman’s Address - The Chairman gave his address which culminated in the Bradpole Ringing Centre Society being disbanded and the previously agreed Constitution was stood down.

6. Vote to approve content of Chairman’s Address 11 for and 3 abstentions, giving the majority required to wind up the Society as per the Constitution.

7. Treasurer’s Report - Simon gave the final financial situation of the Society and was thanked by the Chairman for his hard work.

8. The Grace was said and the meeting closed at 3.30pm



Signed.............................................D Barrance Dated........................9 April 2017.....................


BRCS Financial Report 2016/17

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 Financial Report 2016/17

12 March 2016 – 11th March 2017

The BRCS has raised funds through voluntary contributions donated to the Society for the use of the ringing facility, using tied bells, at Holy Trinity Bradpole.

For the 2016 -17 year, there were 66 teaching sessions, generating a gross income of £1022.00.

A further teaching session was held on the 23rd February 2017, when all donations were gifted to the HTB coffee morning, being held at the same time.

Incidental expenses amounted to £85.22 giving net receipts, before general disbursements from the HTB Ringing Centre Designated Account, of £936.96.

RC HTB Designated Account

Monies raised by the BRCS are paid into a designated account by the HTB treasurer. Deposited funds from this account are used to pay for RC costs not covered under incidental expenses. The RC designated account is managed by the HTB treasurer.

Payments from the designated account, agreed between the BRCS and HTB treasurers, amount to £886.00.

Payments include one exceptional item of £500.00

Disbursements from the designated account, but excluding the exceptional item, amount to £386.00, adding the incidental costs of £85.22 give total expenditure of £471.22 leaving a surplus for the year of £550.96.

Exceptional item. There has been an historical agreement between the RC and HTB that a sum of £250.00 for heat light and power would be transferred annually from the RC Designated account to HTB as the RC contribution for tower heating etc.

It was noted that the sum had not been paid for years 2014 and 2015. I informed the HTB treasurer of this oversight and requested that payments were brought up to date. Therefore a total of £750.00 for HL&P was been transferred from the designated account to HTB from the 2016/17 BRCS period. The balance for the designated account currently stands at £3,143.87. Further information concerning the designated account must be sourced from RK.


On the 9th February David Barrance and myself were invited to a meeting of the DCC sub-committee set up to examine the future of the RC. During this meeting we were informed that the designated account was not a restricted fund, reserved for RC use, but is available to be used for general HTB purposes. We also learned that any item donated to the RC, whether cash, equipment, books, or any other article, belong exclusively and wholly to HTB.

At the meeting it was agreed that at the cessation of the BRCS involvement with the RC, Wendy Carnell, representing the RC Organising Group, would collect donations from the tower and arrange to deliver them to the HTB treasurer.

Simon Kewley

BRCS treasurer

7th April 2017

Bradpole Ringing Centre Society 1st AGM Chairman's Report

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Welcome to all members of the Society for what is our 1st AGM. As you will hear, the format of the AGM is somewhat different to normal as there are to be no election of officers, or other reports apart from our Treasurer Simon Kewley.

What I want to do today is to give you an overview of the current position, how we got here, and the way forward for ringing education and training in West Dorset and the surrounding area. The facility of the ringing centre at Holy Trinity Bradpole has been at the forefront of this for many years, and will continue to be a great resource for these important activities as we go forward.

Over the past 2 years, ringing in the centre has continued to provide opportunities for education and training ranging from basic handling, through rounds and call changes, more advanced method ringing, right up to conducting for advanced 8 bell methods. Regular sessions have focussed on the development of change ringing methodology, more advanced 6 bell methods up to treble bob, and 8 bell sessions up to surprise major. The centre has also hosted specific triples sessions, and have welcomed on a number of occasions, the young ringers under the watchful eye of Sue Carter and her band of willing helpers. Additionally, training has been organised by a regular group of helpers to assist local bands in their own towers. This has ranged from basic handling, simple method ringing and raising and lowering techniques. Further courses have also been arranged at other towers with attendees from mixed locations. Many great successes have come out of this training, and some learners have gone on to ring first quarter peals in recent months in various methods.

However, in the background, a small crisis occurred in the spring of 2015, when all the members of the then organising team from the Bradpole tower resigned, leaving a small core of 3 to organise and run courses and the regular sessions. This was thought to be unsustainable in the long run, so a process of discussion with the church was undertaken to work out the best way forward for the centre. Help and direction was sought from the Rector. After several months, we managed to conduct fruitful discussions with members of the local clergy, the Church Wardens and Treasurer that led to the formation of the Bradpole Ringing Centre Society at the inaugural AGM in March 2016. This created an elected committee to continue the good work of running the centre activities. Shortly after the inaugural AGM, the District Church Council of Holy Trinity Bradpole gave notice that they were unhappy with this arrangement. In the following months, despite continued attempts to clarify the situation and come to a mutually acceptable agreement, it became clear that the District Church Council wanted to take a wider oversight of the running of the centre, which of course is their prerogative. After some further discussion, it was agreed that the Bradpole Ringing Centre Society be wound up, and the Constitution stood down. The District Church Council will provide an Operational Group to organise day to day running of the facility. The contact for ringing centre bookings is the Bradpole Tower Correspondent, currently Wendy Carnell, details of whom can be found in the Guild report, and on the Guild website. We understand bookings can be taken from individuals and groups/tower bands wishing to use the centre with tied bells. Requests for use of the bells open will continue to be via the same route. All requests will be assessed, and the Church representative will determine whether there is a suitably responsible person to run the session before confirming the booking. All bookings subject to normal church rules. At this point, we have not had any further communication from Holy Trinity Bradpole as to the make-up of this Operational Group, apart from Wendy, as booking contact, within her current role of Tower Correspondent.

To ensure that education and training is continued, the organisation of some local training will transfer to the Guild, through the West Dorset Branch Training Officer. It is expected that liaison with other branches and Associations will also be nurtured. Hopefully this will enable a seamless transition to a new state where the branch takes on some additional responsibility for education and training in the local area, and that the physical ringing centre at Bradpole remains a focal point for tied practices, under the management of the Operational Group of the Bradpole District Church Council. Requests for training can be made through the West Dorset Branch Training Officer through the Guild website under Contact. From the home page select Contact/Branches/West Dorset Branch and select “Training”. Leave a message and you will be contacted. There are currently a number of activities planned until mid-May, and then there will be a break until September, as the Training Officer will be away for a period of 3 months.

We, as a leaving committee, hope that we have continued to provide most of what has been requested over the past year, but as you can appreciate we have had to concentrate on other matters which have detracted somewhat from what we had wished to achieve. We have tried to make sure that none of what has been going on behind the scenes has affected the quality of ringing education and training provided, as you the membership, elected us to do that for you! We hope that the volunteer helpers will continue to assist the branch whenever possible, if requested, and that ringing in the area can continue to improve and thrive. At present, both of the Thursday morning sessions, COOTS run by Sue Philp, and the 6-bell morning by me, will continue as is, as long as there is a need and desire for them to continue.

I will leave you with some words from Canon Andrew Evans, Team Rector of the Bridport Team Ministry in response to the agreed process outlined above.


“The most recent proposal is, to my considered opinion, the best option to ensure the continued clear and proper management structure of the Tower.




I would like to thank those members of the ringing centre who are standing-down from their roles, and wish them well.




Andrew Evans

Team Rector.”


I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow committee members, and you, the wider membership for your support over the past year, and hope to see you all at training sessions and branch/DCA meetings for enjoyable, and sociable learning opportunities. After all, ringing should be fun as well as part of the Church Ministry.


David Barrance, Chairman, Bradpole Ringing Centre Society.

9th April 2017


Opening prayer AGM 9-4-17

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Dear Father,

We thank you for everyone gathered here now. As we meet here in the harbour of your safety, we thank you for fellowship and family.

Thank you that you know each of us by name and have caused us to walk with you.

Come fill our lives with your love

Fill our conversations with your grace and truth

Fill this meeting with your presence

We ask this for your glory and praise.


Draft Minutes 12-3-16

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held at 10.30am on Saturday 12 March 2016 at Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole


1 Welcome by the Chairman, Robert Wellen, Guild master, Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers - Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting, speaking as Master of the Guild and as an individual with immense interest and commitment to ringing centres that he believed to be central and vital to the future of ringing. He confirmed many new centres were opening throughout the Guild and clarified that they were an important facility for the ringing community and would help and encourage training, education and recruitment; ringing centres helping all ringers to think in a joined-up way about the advancement of ringing and the vision of the future.


2 Opening Prayer - The Chairman welcomed the Revd Janis Moore who opened the meeting with a Prayer.


3 Present - Those present were asked to sign a form circulated if they wanted to agree to information being held by the society for the purpose of communication to the membership only, and not to pass this onto other organisations or individuals. This is required under the Data Protection Act: 1998 and as supported by the Central Council Guidance Note GN8, 'Data Protection and Bell Ringing'.


Robert Wellen, David Barrance, Paula Biss, Elizabeth Skinner, Sue Carter, Maureen Frost, Alan Frost, Simon Kewley, Roger Read, Colin Bowditch, Sue Philp, Delie Perry, Christine Green, Judith Williamson, Christine Ashley, Janis Moore, Pete Stone, David Ellery, Kathy Matthews, Pauline Holt, David Coe, Janet Ranger, John Coleman.


4 Apologies - The following had sent their apologies and expressed their interest in receiving future information about the Society:


Mo Davey, Kate Rogers, Tony Spiller, John Close, Richard Ellis, Margaret Hutson, Josephine Higgs, Antony Lovell-Wood, Derek Gratton, Peter and Wendy Carnell, Deborah Batten, Jay Anderson, Niall Simpson, Sue Bray, Robin Carter, Sue Barrance, Jill Parr and John Morris.


5 "Where we are now and why". David Barrance thanked Robert for agreeing to chair the meeting. He then (on behalf the voluntary management team presently running the centre) gave a short address about 'where we are now and why'


He stated that some months ago various members of the then committee running the centre had, for personal reasons, decided to resign, leaving three members on the committee. It was decided they would call themselves the voluntary management team and attempt to allow the centre to function whilst they worked out what was the best way forward for the future of the organisation that had been running successfully for many years.


After much thought and discussion it was agreed that a society should be formed and a committee elected to run the centre on behalf of the membership of the society. ie those who use the facilities of the centre, and entrust the committee with the future of the centre. The reason for this was to ensure the centre could continue whatever were to happen in the future. He pointed out that there were many local towers who were now unable to ring on Sundays or hold regular practices.


It was thought to be sensible to formulate a constitution laying out a framework of how the BRCS would function whatever circumstance happened in the future. Therefore, after many versions and much hard work by Maureen Frost who had liaised with many people, including existing centres across the world and the Central Council of Bell ringers, a draft constitution was presented to the church wardens. They were both in agreement with this constitution and it will be presented to the DCC in May for final ratification, with an agreed six month review. David thanked Maureen for all her work on the constitution; it had been a challenging task because unlike urban areas, this area is rural and the ringers it serves are geographically dispersed. Whilst it was acknowledged that there couldn't be any changes made to the constitution at this time, the Chairman asked if there were any questions, views or concerns about the constitution which had been sent to all present prior to the meeting as was the list of committee members nominated to date. No questions or concerns were raised at the meeting.


6 Election of Officers - the Chairman confirmed that it was hoped to fill the top 5 named posts mandated in the constitution and the meeting was directed to the board which showed those already nominated.


Chairman - David Barrance - Proposed Elizabeth Skinner, Seconded Chrissie Ashley.

Secretary - Paula Biss - Proposed Delie Perry, Seconded Sue Philp

Finance Officer - Simon Kewley. Proposed David Barrance, Seconded Sue Carter

Course Organiser 1 - Sue Carter. Proposed Delie Perry, Seconded Simon Kewley

Course Organiser 2 - This post was not filled and the Chairman asked that it be minuted that Sue Philp and Delie Perry agreed to help Sue Carter with this post until a more permanent arrangement could be made.

Technical Support - David Barrance. Proposed Sue Carter, Seconded Sue Philp

Publicity Officer - Maureen Frost. Proposed David Barrance, Seconded David Ellery

Additional Committee Members - Sue Philp Proposed Sue Carter, Seconded Robert Wellen and Delie Perry, Proposed Alan Frost, Seconded Chrissie Ashley


All were agreed unanimously and it was pointed out that committee meetings would have to have a quorum of three.


7 Date of first AGM -


8 Ideas from the membership - topics for course/expansion of open sessions/what should the Centre be organising? Maureen Frost spoke about this stating the potential availability of the centre, and pointing out that although well used at present with courses and regular practices held fortnightly on Thursdays and Fridays, there is plenty of opportunity for further use.


There are regular practices for young ringers now, coming from as far afield as Dorchester, Preston, Hawkchurch and Kilmington.


It is hoped the committee will continue along current lines. The membership would be circulated again soon asking for their requests, and in addition private bookings and bands are encouraged to book the centre as long as they have a responsible adult in charge.


There were many opportunities; hopefully more targeted sessions could be held - quarter peals, requests from individuals needing help, different methods, training teachers. There is a national issue about learners dropping out once they have been taught and this is being addressed by the Central Council. There are training courses organised to 'train the trainers' by ITTS in the hope different ways of training might encourage learners.


Although we provide some evening courses, thought must be given to those who work and cannot attend daytime courses - one centre is having success with courses held on a Sunday afternoon.


We were recently asked to teach a group of ladies on a Hen weekend to ring! We took this as a challenge and organised a 'Very Short Introduction to Ringing' course. There is now a blue print available of this successful day, which 'made it', plus pictures into the Ringing World recently.


Sue Philp felt organised groups were providing for the basics and surprise major and that there is a gap in six and eight bell ringing for the intermediate methods. This was unanimously agreed.


The importance of extending and building up fellowship was reiterated. How can the ringing centre fit into the Mission of the Church? Providing help in villages and surrounding parishes/recruitment events.


Maureen handed out Post-it-notes and asked members to put down any ideas and they would be collated and acted upon.


Janis Moore felt good communication to be paramount and that church activities should have priority over ringing centre activities. It was confirmed that this also was the understanding of the BRCS to which Janis said she was reassured that the centre understood that the church had priority over bookings. She stressed that the church wants to welcome all people.


The Chairman commented on the difficulties of getting some bands and individuals to come out of their own churches to take advantage of what centres have to offer. They need to know the ethos of what the centre does/taster sessions - "come and see"/ good atmosphere are all important. "What is a simulator" - some people may be nervous of coming to a "centre" and don't know what a simulator is.


David Barrance commented that open days, Saturday sessions, Sunday afternoons may be helpful and the demographic that is missed is people in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Strategies to be put in place for recruits/intensive courses.


Kathy Matthews commented that it would appear beginner courses seem to be the priority at present.


The Chairman summed up that there are no "right" answers. Flexibility and knowing what the centre has to offer is paramount.


9. Any Other Business - There was none


The Chairman thanked Revd Janis Moore, Revd Pete Stone and David Coe, Church Warden for coming to the meeting and as she did not stand for any of the posts for the new committee, Elizabeth Skinner was specifically thanked, for all the work she had put into helping to run the centre together with the other members of the VMT.


The Chairman closed the meeting with a Prayer.




1st AGM

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The First Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on Sunday 9th April at the Salthouse, West Bay, 2.30pm.


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ALL Ringers are invited to participate in this survey - please do.

It is not a long or complicated one.


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For everyone interested in ringing education - stalls, workshops, speakers & more.

At Old Basing, Hampshire - it may not be so close in future years - and open to all ringers.

CRAG review

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If you have not already done so, please follow the link

and comment on the proposed vision.

For the future of ringing it is important that all ringers make their views known.

September 2016 at BRC

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Thu, 1 September, 9:30am – 10:30am - Plain Bob Minor and beyond: the next step in a series designed to plug the gap between PB and Surprise. Attendees must be competent at touches of Bob Minor.

Friday 2 September also from 9.30am - Eight Bell Group. Attendees should be competent at touches of Bob Major.